Sales / Clearance / Defect Items

AS & DF code item are ready stock.

AS & DF 标记的都是现货服饰

AS code item are some sample items from our supplier that we didn't manage to release. All items are brand new & in good condition.

Most of the items are suitable for Size XS/S/M; kindly refer to each item description for more.

Defect code item are some items that are slighly defect, kindly refer to the photo/description for the defect part.

*All sample sales/ defect items are not refundable/ exchangeable.*


AS标记都是一些没有上架的样品 全部全新和完好.

大部分样品都适合尺码XS/S/M 的;可以参考description的资料

Defect 标记的服饰都是一些微瑕疵的服饰 可以参考图片已经description看看瑕疵部分