Notice for Pre-order 预定服饰通告

Preorder delivery period 

Our items are mainly preorder based unless the item stated "Ready Stock".

商品都是预定为主,除非显示有“Ready Stock”的选项

Our pre-order item is estimated delivered in 14-20 days after every pre-order batch date closed

我们的预购服饰会在每一期截单日期后的 预计14-20 天发货给大家

Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 11.32.32 PM.png

*Every preorder batch closed date will be stated at the top announcement bar. 

每一期的截单日期都会注明在最上方的announcement bar

If the order consists of a combination of Ready Stock item and Preorder item, the parcel will only be shipped when all the preorder items have arrived from the supplier.

如果订单里里包括有现货服饰 和 预定服饰,订单将会连同全部预定服饰抵达后 一起发货.