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Giselle Suit Skirt - Black

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RM 49.00
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RM 49.00
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RM 0.00

Item are mainly preorder, unless "Ready Stock" stated in option.

商品都是预定为主,除非显示有“Ready Stock“的选项

*Preorder items will be estimated to ship out in 14-20 days after every batch closed.

Kindly read the Notice for more information.


可以到 Notice 了解更多资讯.

Product Information

A Giselle

*Kindly allow 1-3cm differences in measurement and color variation for different lighting.


Material: Suit

Model Info

Height 155cm; Weight 40kg; Waist 58cm; Bust 73cm; Hips 84cm

Wearing size S, waist slight loose