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Ballet Shoe

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RM 49.00
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RM 49.00
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Item are mainly preorder, unless "Ready Stock" stated in option.

商品都是预定为主,除非显示有“Ready Stock“的选项

*Preorder items will be estimated to ship out in 14-20 days after every batch closed.

Kindly read the Notice for more information.


可以到 Notice 了解更多资讯.

Black & White version is no longer available

Product Information

Size available from 35 - 39

Size 35 // 22.5cm

Size 36 // 23 cm

Size 37 // 23.5cm

Size 38 // 24 cm

Size 39 // 24.5 cm

Take According to your normal shoe size


*Kindly allow 1-3cm differences in measurement and color variation for different lighting.


Creamy Ballet Shoe 鞋子版型比较阔 整体穿起来会比较舒服


Ariel Ballet Shoe 鞋子版型会比较瘦 比较窄 鞋头的部分也会比较窄

一整天穿的话 会比较容易不舒服

*两款鞋子 刚开始穿都会有一些皮摩擦的皮质声音 穿了一段时间会减少*

Creamy Ballet Shoe cutting more wider, will be more comfortable wearing for the whole day

Ariel Ballet Shoe cutting is slimmer, shoe tip will be tight, will slight tired for walking whole day


Material: PU