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[Defect] Diana Satin Skirt

Regular price
RM 25.00
Sale price
RM 25.00
Regular price
RM 46.00

Kindly take note that item are rejected defect piece, all defect items are not refundable/ exchangeable.

服饰都是有微瑕疵的 请慎下单 全部瑕疵服饰一律售出不能退款/退换/退货

Product Information

a satin skirt

*Kindly allow 1-3cm differences in measurement and color variation for different lighting.


Material: Satin

Cream colour satin skirt material slight see-through, suggest to wear seamless nude colour under wear to prevent see-through

米白色缎面裙子面料比较薄透 建议穿肉色无痕内裤

Model Info

Height 155cm; Weight 40kg; Waist 58cm; Bust 73cm; Hips 84cm